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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crass Pollination

Hey I can't seem to access Nurse K's blog! anybody know whats up and how I get an invite? I miss reading her stuff


Just Me said...

I think she's taking a blogging-hiatus :( I miss her too!

Life on Pause said...

I think she's taking a hiatus to fix some personal stuffs. She'll be back eventually!

Life on Pause said...


That explains it a bit too =)


emt.dan said...

Nurse K closed up rather abruptly last month (Sept 9) saying "I'm taking a fucking hiatus. Love ya,Nurse K"

Not sure what's going on... has anyone else heard anything?

Life on Pause said...

She's Back =)


mommy-medic said...

OOooohhhhh thanks so much! I tried for an invite too but no response. I love nurse K

J-Ro said...

Now you have to be invited to read her blog. Does anyone have an email for her? I miss reading her stuff! She is one of my favorite "call it like I see it" nurses!

hoechstetterinteriors said...

I think she's gone again.

I can't get in now because it says the blog is only open to people who have been invited.

Anyone have any idea how to contact her to request an invitation?

Wendy H. (former paramedic)

Bulrush said...

Her blog appears to be invite only.