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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our department lost a man today. A firefighter,paramedic, brother and friend. He was my preceptor when I came to the city. He terrified me at first but we got into a comfortable rhymth and when I was done we moved out of our preceptor/preceptee relationship and onto the comfortable banter of coworkers. He was a teacher and friend. He could be a butthead but it didn't last long. He had a dry wit and a sarcastic sense of humor. He could make me laugh until I cried. The loss of him is a huge loss from our lives. He will be sorely missed.

Rest well Brother you'll be in our hearts.


Rogue Medic said...

There are no words appropriate for such a loss. May you find something positive in this.

E.J. said...

It's amazing how our perceptions of people can evolve if we just give things time. You and your department are in my thoughts as you navigate a tough time. :(

VA PhireMedic said...

We will always remember DJS. He had nearly the same affect on me as a student where he taught.

Keeping you all and Local 539 in my thoughts and prayers.

Epijunky said...

Saying that I'm sorry for your loss is just.... It's not enough.

I'm thinking of you, your coworkers, and his family.

Ambulance Driver said...

You don't have to be related to someone to understand brotherhood.

And so, we share your sense of loss, in some small way.

Godspeed to your friend, Gertrude.